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STEPHEN FORD is the founder of ASCNDR, an indie production company focused on creating unique films on a low budget. One day Stephen dreams of turning this into a real production company, but currently it's just like him running around with a camera he can't afford dragging a bunch of friends along to make some cool stuff. He's the entire production pipeline for nearly every project, from writer to producer to costume designer to prop master to location scout to craft services to director and then he does nearly all of the post production work like editing, sound mixing, VFX, color grading and the entire curation process. Mostly because he has no budget to pay people to help make things, yet, hopefully that'll change and this will be like a little "lol omg remember when?" thing but in all likelihood he'll continue working construction gigs and back of kitchen duties to make ends meet living in his 450sqft apartment until maybe one day he can cash a check so big he stops staying up until 3AM every night crying himself to sleep, dwelling on every cringe thing he's ever done.


Lol omg remember when after he starred in Teen Wolf, Stephen couldn't make ends meet because his mother literally took all of his acting money since he was 8 years old, so he took a job working the line at a local Chioptle so he wouldn't go homeless. Then one of his former co-stars came in one day, but instead of being like, "Bro I've missed you!" he looked at Stephen with disgust and was like, "Bro. What are you doing here? What happened to you?" before asking Stephen to hook him up with another scoop of steak. Ah. Classic. The film industry is amazing.


Many have called him the Poor Man's Christopher Nolan. And by many, we mean like five people on Twitter and one film festival critic. You may know him as an actor from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, Private Practice, Teen Wolf or the 600 Disney and Nickelodeon shows where he said collective 5 lines as random-of-the-week characters. But in reality, you probably have no clue who this dude is. Maybe you know him from some incredibly brain dead takes on Twitter where he'll just fire off idiotic no context Tweets without any thought, something that'll likely end in him being rightfully cancelled. But come on, let's give him a break, he grew up with an extremely abusive mother, a father he saw 7 times in his entire life and he's really only intelligent in two things: filmmaking and obscure movie trivia. Did you know James Cameron shot 25% of the scenes from Terminator without permits? No wonder he's Stephen's idol.

He was never that great of an actor but one day the head of Legendary Pictures sat him down and was like, "You're a much better director than you are an actor, you're never gonna be the next Tom Cruise, so maybe just focus on the directing." But then Stephen took 5 whole years (and a very weird stint in the video game industry as like... a content creator guy?) to figure out that maybe when the head of Legendary Pictures tells you to direct, you should probably direct. Again, Stephen really isn't that smart. Combine that with his crippling insecurities and narcissism complex, it's a miracle he has directed anything.

Which at the time of writing has just been a bunch of short films. Nothing real. What an absolute failure.

Anyway this is Stephen Ford's Twitter. Go tell him to stop eating Oreos and make a real biography when this site goes live instead of using this as his "dear diary" entry of the day.

And here are a bunch of high-res photos of him solely to bury his really ugly pictures in image search.

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